New Life or Worm Food?

After being inspired by a friend I started the process of a small little garden on my tiny patio. I also started a compost bin. I just added the key ingredient to a compost bin, compost worms. So now I have a little worm farm. It was quite interesting putting together food (ie compost produce from my kitchen) and a worm bed (ie shredded paper and cardboard from the shredder). Home recycling. There you go!!

There are a variety of references to worms in the Bible. Normally they are referred to in ways we would rather forget. They represent the creatures that feed on dead things and decay. I am sure glad I am not a worm. Yuck! But I was reminded of the fact that these compost worms who feed on decaying scraps are the key ingredient to successfully producing rich soil necessary for growing a healthy garden. Without these gross compost worms the process of new life coming out of the decay would not exist.

In the Old Testament of the Bible it was prophesied that a savior would be born. Then in the New Testament we hear about the opportunity for new life through Jesus Christ. That through Jesus we are offered the opportunity to experience Gods forgiveness, provision, life and redemption. We all experience hardship and some of that hardship may even be due to our sin. Sin destroys causing rot and decay. No one is immune. But through Jesus the decay can be washed away and a new branch, alive in Jesus will give way.

No human in existence other than Jesus is without sin. Thus no human in existence other than Jesus who was/is without decay and rot. We all experience the effects of this death. But just as something dead can be made into garden, we to can experience new life in Jesus Christ. That process starts with faith in Christ, repentance of sin and baptism in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Would your rather experience new life in Jesus or be eaten by worms? Something to ponder.

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