Why Do We Lie?

The other day I came home from work to find numerous piles of dog vomit containing shreds of red plastic. I then found the red plastic lid to the container holding the dog food. Let’s just say it was in pieces. That plastic did not sit well in my puppies stomach so he had vomited it all up. Gross! As much as I love my dogs I do not enjoy the mess they occasionally make. Yucky. My frustration was rising as I got ready to scrum my floors. Now I have two dogs. Itsy was curled up in a ball asleep. Coco had his tail between his legs, head coward. It was not hard to figure out who the culprit was.

I imagine if my dogs where human children and I asked who did it they probably would have been pointing figures at each other saying not me. In the above example, Coco was trying to get to something he wanted and we’ll need for life. He wanted the dog food. And well he likes to chew on things. All normal for a dog. The problem is he was trying to get the things he wanted outside of how he should. The desires he had were not wrong it was the method. And if he was human and decided to lie about it well why would he do such a thing? Fear, anxiety and worry over the consequences.

A common reason we humans lie is to either get something we want/need or to avoid something we do not want. But at the heart of lying is mistrust in God and his kingdom. It is the belief that lying will solve your problems verse living honestly and trusting God to work and move in a way that all problems will be solved.

I have never meet a person who has never told a lie. Myself included. What lies do you tend to tell and how is this maybe reflecting a mistrust in God and his kingdom? But also remember even though I was frustrated at my little Coco, I still loved him dearly. Jesus never stops loving us even when we sin or fall short. But he is also the answer to us cleaning up and starting anew.

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