Shattered Glass

I have been making stained crushed glass to use in my art projects. I take a piece of glass, shatter it with a hammer then stain it with alcohol ink. I am using it to make coasters and trays. Shattering the glass very much reminded me of the painting I did for the broken girl series. I titled it shatters pieces. It was the painting describing the break between me and men in general but also a break in trust of the church. My body, heart and mind were all shattered much like the glass. We are all so broken people.

By making the resin coasters and platters it was a reminder that what was once a whole, beautiful piece of glass is so easily shattered by this world. Glass is so breakable and so are we as humans. We are so temporary and fragile. Medical care can glue the broken pieces together but it is never truly whole. The sin of this world stains us much like the alcohol ink stains the glass. Then the world shatters us. I feel like the gospel and the Holy Spirit is like the resin. It is through the gospel that the shattered glass pieces stained with alcohol ink can then become something else. So is true for us, we can become something else, we can become a new creation in Christ. It looks like glass but it is something else entirely. Similarly resin once hardened is much stronger than glass. These resin coasters and tray have a variety of things within them included these shattered pieces of glass. They are beautiful, durable and sturdy. I could hit it with the hammer and it will not shatter.

We all have stains. We all have blemishes. Our physical bodies are all wasting away. We are all broken vessels. But we also have the opportunity to become a new creation. Just like these shattered stain glass pieces are made into something new and different. Something even more beautiful and durable then the previous glass for The Holy Spirit is like the resin. Stronger than the fragile glass that has none of God’s spirit to hold it together.

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