Not Why but What

No one walks through life without hard times and disappointments. When faced with something we dislike or find unpleasant the natural tendency of most humans is to say why God? Why is this happening to me? Why, why, why? Basically I like to wine to God. For asking why God is ultimately questioning God. Wow. Who am I to question God? But what should we be asking? We should be asking what God? What are you trying to accomplish in this mess. What do you want me to do? How can we join you in the work you are doing? Now these questions are meaningful. They reflect a heart of trust, obedience and faith.

God has a purpose for allowing all the events in our life. The things we view as good and bad are all for a reason in God’s eyes. We sometimes never understand fully why the events in our lives happen but part of having faith and trust in our Heavenly Father is saying, “I do not understand why but I will follow you anyway.” When we change our focus from why to what we are able to focus on our present moment and the work he has for us in this time. It’s like looking at a storm and saying “God help me weather the storm by placing one foot in front of another, help me focus on you and only what you have for me.”

We are human. We will never understand and see everything that God sees. All we have to know, understand and see is what God needs us to see. Instead of trying to understand, we should be focusing on what God wishes us to see, do and accomplish. Everything else is in God’s hands. It takes faith to walk knowing you are partially blind but walking partially blind is better than standing still. Next time you face difficulty ask for a heart of faith to ask God what instead of why. Amen

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