Virtual Painting Parties

Do you want to schedule a private painting parties to celebrate a special occasions? Virtual private painting parties are available upon request. Classes are conducted through zoom. Parties must be scheduled a minimum of 1 weeks in advance.

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Here is how it works:

1. There is an initial booking fee of $70 that is needed to hold your booking. This fee covers one painting class conducted through zoom. Each class will complete one painting project and last 1-1.5 hours. This fee includes two painting kits. Painting kits contain an 11 x 14 canvas, paint and all other supplies needed to complete the project. There are a variety of different painting classes so please browse through the options and pick the painting you wish to complete.

2. You can add additional painters and painting kits to your party at anytime up to one week before the event. Each additional painter costs $10.

3. Painting kits will be mailed to the event organizer

4. Log onto zoom at the designated time. Be ready to have fun and paint a masterpiece.

Just a side note. You are welcome to have others present and join your party who are not painting at no additional cost. Additional fees are exclusive to painters needing a paint kit.

For more information or to request a private virtual painting party please complete the contact form.

Although we welcome all ages groups, private painting parties lessons are designed for teenagers and adults. We recommend a minimum age of 12 for participants. If you are wanting to host a painting party for children under the age of 12 please let me know. Depending on the circumstances painting lessons can be adjusted for age appropriateness.

Click Here to Book a Virtual Painting Party!

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