The Simple Things

I have been spending much time sitting in the same chair either tutoring students or preparing materials. Coco has been rather upset at the lack of attention he gets. But then this morning as I sat in my chair with my cup of coffee, ready for some time at the computer both Itsy and Coco jumped into my lap. Settled down. There snuggles provided a reassuring touch and much love. Coco and Itsy did not do any grand gestures rather they were doing something incredibly simple. I was reminded that it is often the simple acts of love, kindness, compassion and giving that can have the greatest impact. Why do we make life so complex?

Jesus is the bread of life, he is the living water, he is the light that guides us through this life to our heavenly home. Acknowledgment of what God has already so graciously provided frees us to more easily love the lord our God and neighbor as ourselves. Well life becomes rather simple. God is often not asking us for grand gestures. He is asking for us to pay attention to the simple acts of love and kindness. Provide love in the simple ways and you may have a grand impact.

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