Light and Dark

I started a garden on my little patio. I have been ecstatic that so far, things are growing. Lets hope and pray the lord sends me a good harvest of vegetables. Gardening on the patio is nice but I sometime worry the plants do not get enough light. There is a covering and many trees that provide shade. The plants never get fun sun. But then I was reading how plants also need darkness. If they have sun a full 24 hours it stresses them and causes problems. Plants need darkness just like humans. Who knew? Not me. We as humans need darkness to help our brains sleep and keep a healthy balance. We need the light hours and the dark hours.

The Bible is full of references of light and dark. The dark is typically referred to as representing evil and the light as Gods goodness. Jesus Christ is referred to as the light of the world. Those who walk in darkness are considered to be evil and not of the Lord. We as Gods children are called to walk in the light.

As a child of God the light of Jesus has been so bright at times. At other times it seems like things are dark, clouded and full of hardship. Sometime life is challenging and things just do not seem to be going well. We are faced with trials and tribulations. It’s easy to feel like the light of Jesus has disappeared? The truth is Jesus light is still there we just are not seeing it because of the darkness clouding our vision. How do we walk in the light of Jesus when everything seems like darkness?

I want to go back to my little garden. During the day the sun shines. The light is apparent. But at night, it is dark. It is during this dark hour that the plant takes all the sunlight it absorbed from the light and uses it for growing roots, flowers, fruits, etc. It is in the dark hours that the energy gained from the sun is used to produce something. What a beautiful process.

When the Bible refers to darkness it is talking about the evil in this world, sin and the enemy. We often are attacked by these evil things. As we walk in the light we experience darkness. For there is a battle surrounding us. It is during those times we are experiencing darkness that we have to be carful to abide in Christ so that we allow the Holy Spirit to work in us producing growth. The product will be the fruits of the spirit that builds Gods kingdom of light and fights the darkness.

We experience darkness. But instead of falling victim to the darkness we should focus on using what we have absorbed from the times of light to allow the Holy Spirit to produce something wonderful.

Walking in the light of Jesus does not mean you will not experience darkness. It means that through abiding in Christ the Holy Spirit will use you to become the light of Jesus in a dark world.

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