The Purpose Of The Blessing

Of recent I have had the privilege to receive a number of acts of kindness and blessings from others. It has been an honor to receive such blessing. In the Old Testament there was a man named Abram. God choose him to be the father of the Jewish people establishing the blood line leading to Jesus. In Genesis 12:2-3 God promised this man who’s name was changed to Abraham these blessings:

1. I will make you a great nation

2. I will bless you

3. I will make your name great (I like to note this is the name that had been given to him by God, Abraham)

I think it helpful to ponder, what was the purpose of God giving this blessing? Was it so that Abraham could bath in his riches and fortunes? God had a purpose for blessing Abraham in this way. What was that purpose? Ultimately it was to be a blessing to others. That through Abraham, a man called by God, others would know God and also be blessed.

What should we do as Christian’s with the blessings given to us? What is the purpose of receiving the blessings given? The purpose is to use your blessings to build God’s kingdom. So I encourage you to acknowledge the blessing that have been given to you. Give thanks to the Lord and then ask him how can I use this blessing to bless others? How can I use this blessing to build Gods kingdom.

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