Thank You For Your Love and Support!

I went to an outdoor market in my hometown this past weekend. It was a gorgeous day. Just beautiful and located in a beautiful garden. Typically when I go to market as a vendor I spend much time talking with potential customers explaining what I do in terms of art but also ministry. My purpose for being there is ultimately ministry. The sales are necessary but secondary. For whatever reason I was not in the mood to talk. So for the entire time from 8:30 am when I set up shop to 4 pm when I packed up I did rather little talking. Rather lots of smiling and handing out goodie bags.

So many people stopped by to admire my art work. Many said kind words and such. It always feels good to be praised for one’s work. I was thankful for the encouragement. It would be easy for me to see these art pieces which I labored over as the jewel or prize. I enjoy doing art and although I do not enjoy the sales portion it is necessary. Yet the true jewel and prize was what was given to those people in the goodie bag. The true treasure was information about Jesus and becoming his child.

How often in life do we set our eyes on something beautiful while missing the real treasure of Christ in our lives? I went to the market in a funky mood. I did not feel like talking to people or really interacting. I was a bit tired and overwhelmed to be honest. But I did manage to hand out something that should point people to the only gift that matters for eternity. Jesus

Those that praised my work and supported me through purchases showed me a Christ like love. They offered me support. Without that support I would not have been able to even be at the market handing out the goodie bags with the real gift. So a special thank you to all those who came out Saturday to offer me love and support. It was a day I needed your love and support!

What do you treasure? What do you set your eyes upon? What are send praise and honor towards? Is it Jesus? And if it is not Jesus is your endeavor loving others with a Christ like love?

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