Oh My Little Buddy Bear

You know you have officially become the crazy dog lady when you start calling your little 7 lb dog your mini man. My little teddy bear Coco has officially become my little mini man. He is actually the first male dog I have ever owned and he is by far the most protective. He is like my little pocket guard dog.

Over a year ago I went to an outdoor ladies worship night. I had taken my 2 dog to an outdoor worship event before and they did fine. But for whatever reason this night did not sit well with either of the two dogs. They were both agitated and making a ruckus. I’m sure the other the ladies at the event were not so happy with me. Or maybe there hauling was there way of worshiping Jesus as well. Who knows. Anyway at the end of the event they handed out communion. Coco sat in my lap like he always does. The lady came up to hand me communion. Coco waited for the lady to get all the way up close to me before he took a bite at her nose. Had she not fallen back on her buttocks and the communion cup went into the air he probably would have successful taken her nose off. My little mini man had never done that before. I quickly apologized to the lady and said no Coco. But inside my heart I was chuckling and just delighted. Why I am not so sure. Maybe it felt good to have someone protect me.

I think most women have a desire to be protected. It is ingrained into us. When going through a significant life event, hardship or grief we can struggle with fear. The desire for protection becomes stronger. Although there a variety of things in this life we can look to for protection, just like I looked to my little Coco as my guardian the only protection for our souls is the blood of Jesus. We were taking communion that night to be reminded of Jesus body broken for us and his blood spilled for us. I was reminded that the blood of Jesus is the only real protection I need. Yet I was also thankful for God giving me a little pocket guard dog to make me feel more physically secure.

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