God Delights In You

My two little dogs Coco and Itsy are a bundle of joy. They are fun to just watch and observe. I find much joy, delight and fulfillment in seeing these two little animals happy, healthy and well. My heart hurts when they are sick or unwell.

God existed before this world. He created the heavens and the earth. He created all living things. He created you and me. He looked at what he created and saw it is was good. God did not have to creat all this world and living things. He would not cease to exist without it. Yet he takes much delight in his creation. He delights in you and me. He delights in his children just like I take delight in my dogs Coco and Itsy.

Gods does not wish us to be sick. He does not wish us to be injured. He does not wish us harm. He wishes us to be happy, healthy and thriving. Yet we often battle with affliction, illness, suffering and the likes because the world is imperfect. I think it important to remember that God does not like this for his children but he does promise to bring about his goodness, hope, redemption and joy despite it. For even when we face troubles in this world we can be reminded that Jesus has overcome this world. We have the promise of eternity apart from all those bad things.

Do you believe in a God that delights in you? Do you believe in a Heavenly Father who wishes to bless you and pour his love upon you? Do you believe in a Heavenly Father who cherishes and adores you so much that he sent his only Son Jesus to endure such hardship and suffering so that you could be in relationship with him? Do you believe in the healing of Jesus that covers all your sins and restores your soul? What a great Heavenly Father we have to be cherished do deeply and delighted in.

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