God’s Words Are Timeless

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Have you even just sat down to read the Bible. Just blankly looked at the book and thought “God what in the world am I supposed to read?” I feel lost and I need your guidance and I do not even know where to begin. What am I supposed to do. Well let me tell you, I feel like the that more days then not. Some people may have life all in order and know exactly what to do but unfortunately that is hardly ever the case for me. I tend feel like a scatter brain mess most days. But the good news is Jesus is never lost, he is never scattered brained and he is never a mess. So as I sat there not knowing where to even begin I turned the the last book in the Bible Revelations.

The book of Revelations chapters 2-3 are messages given to different churches. As I read through these messages to the different churches I was struck by how wise and timeless God’s words. Here we have an ancient text. A book that has been around for so long. Words that were originally written so long ago. Yet these messages to the churches applied to the very church in that day, the churches 1000 years later and even today. For as I read these words I saw how they very much applied to churches today all around the world. They apply to our families which are the smallest unit of the church.

It is rather breath taking to see this timelessness and wisdom on Gods truth and his words. I have spent some time pondering these messages. They are hard messages for when you actually take the time to read them, ponder them and meditate on them they cut deep. They cut deep in a way that should facilitate us repent for our sin and change so that we are walking in Christ ways.

The world is still very much turned upside down. Hardly anyone’s life has not been affected by this covid pandemic. We have had economic loss, hardship, illness, death and more. But as the whole world suffers due to this trial we can still turn to Gods word and allow it to mold us and shape us into the people and church God created us to be. To me this is what Revelations 2-3 messages does for us.

So I challenge people to read through Revelations 2-3. Think about the messages to the different churches. Which message hits home to you and your church? How can we repent and grow in Christ Jesus?

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