Stop Making A Mess

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My little dog Itsy has some special needs. She is my special little girl. I love her but she is the queen bee at making a mess of my yarn. I have yarn I use to knit scarves and such. Since Itsy is tiny, only 4 lbs she likes thin little things she can grab a hold off. Similarly she likes to grab a hold of things tossing and turning her head side to side like a dog does with its prey. My nice neatly bundled yarn becomes a tangled mess in all of 2 seconds. It then takes me weeks of work to untangle it all and put it neatly back in a bundle for use. I hide my yarn for this very reason. But even with her bad eye sight she has managed to find my hidden yarn, pull it out of boxes and have her play time. Oh Itsy, I love this little girl but she is a mess!

God created this world. He created all living things. He created human kind. After he finished his creation he said this “God saw all that he had made, and it was very good” Genesis 1:31

Gods creation was originally without fault. It was beautiful and good. But something went wrong. Adam and Eve choose to disobey God. The result was a tangled mess. Itsy had special needs. She does not see well. It is often her blindness that leads to a tangled mess. We humans are not that much different than my dog Itsy. We are often blind to our own faults, sin and mishaps. This blindness causes what was originally good to turn into a tangled mess. Our sin as humans destroys.

But just as my tangled mess of yarn can be untangled and neatly restored to a nice bundle, God can restore our messes and mishaps through the power of the gospel and his Son Jesus. For Jesus died on a cross for our sin. He raised from the dead 3 days later. He ascended to heaven. He is our healer, restorer and liberator. It is through Christ Jesus that the mangled, tangled mess created by our sin and blindness can be restored.

When you look at your life, the life of your family, your close friends, etc. Do you see the tangled mess caused by our human sin? If so then pray the Jesus would restore it, heal it, and mend it. If you do not see the tangled mess than you are most likely like my dog Itsy, blind, so I pray Jesus would give you eyes to see. Amen.

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