Who Is Your Commanding Officer?

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I went to a market this Saturday. It was a new organization, one I had not worked with before. I was a bit nervous plus I was having a bit of an off day. It happens. Some days we just do not feel at our peak. The tent I had been using was broken in 2 places and the new tent I had ordered had not been delivered. So I was using a very cheap tent that had to be assembled on site. Not one that was an easy pop up. I was able to assemble the tent but the wind was strong. I tried to quickly anchor the tent with the weights in hope that it would not fly away. I did successfully anchor the tent. But the entire market, the tent was literally tilted in the wind and on several occasions the piping on the tent was coming apart. The weights were holding the legs but the connections of the tent were not holding. I just started praying. Lord let this tent stand and not blow over harming someone else. It looked a bit comical I have to admit but the tent did indeed stay. Lopsided and coming apart at the hinges but it held. The Lord was faithful in answering my prayers.

When we work as an employee of others we have a boss. We have an organization that lays down the rules. You have to play by the rules. You have to follow what your employer tells you. If you do not follow the rules and laws you probably will not stay an employee long. Similarly you will most likely not be promoted. Our commanding officer is Jesus Christ. As such we follow the rules, laws and regulation of our governments, employers, supervisors, etc as unto the Lord our true commanding officer. This following of the rules and respect of laws allows for order, and safety. Similarly in places like the USA we have systems in place for disputing and changing laws, regulations and such that are harmful or unfair. This system of checks and balances allows for positive and change in hopefully a peaceful manor.

But in my current type of work. I am my own employer. I make the bylaws of the company. I am the one setting the rules. I attempt to follow the rules of my government and the organizations I work with. This type of work has its benefits for sure for sometimes it is nice to be the one making the rules. But yet I am no commander, I am no ruler, I am still a simple servant and employee. I am subject to my Lord and commanding officer Jesus Christ. So I may be in charge of certain business operations and decisions but I still very much serve another and fall under another’s command.

As this market this last weekend I did everything in my human little hands power to set up my little tent and do the work laid out for the day. But my simple human hands can only do so much and my little tent was being tosses and thrown by the wind. We as humans are weak. We are often helpless. I felt some of the helplessness as the wind was blowing over all my hard work. But I was also reminded that my human hands works may be tosses and thrown by the wind. But the work done by my commanding officer Jesus Christ will never be overthrown. For the battle is won and Jesus Christ is my commanding officer. Who is yours?

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