To Be Mortified

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Have you ever been subject to extreme embarrassment, harassment, or shaming? It hurts to be mortified. It is even worse to be mortified due to false accusations or when you were actually trying to help someone else. You try to help someone and they throw it back in your face. This extreme mortification is exactly what happened to Jesus when he was arrested, accused and ultimately sentenced to death by crucifixion.

I have never been arrested or sentenced to die on a cross. But I can identify feeling mortified. My own experiences are nothing compared to what Jesus went through over 2000 years ago. Yet I can somewhat identify in small ways the emotional experience Jesus most likely experienced leading up to his death.

Humans have not changed all that much from Jesus’s time. So often we misunderstand each other. We mistreat each other. We judge, bash, embarrass and betray. The sin of humanity is the same today as it was in Jesus’s time. The same sin that lead to the crucifixion of Jesus leads to mortification of people in today’s world. Yet Jesus died on that cross for all of our sin. He took that sin upon himself that we as human would have the opportunity to be reconciled to God our father. Thank you Jesus for the sacrifice you made for us all. For who would I be and what would this world be like without the redemption we have in Jesus?

So as we acknowledged this Good Friday. As me pause to remember the horrible events that occurred to Jesus. As we ourselves maybe even identify with Jesus in some small way when we too were mortified. Let us be like Jesus and lift ourselves and others in prayer. That the lord would forgive our sins. That the lord would open our eyes to the places that we can be more loving to others. That the lord would show us how to be a better reflection of his Son Jesus.

If you have never repented for your sins. If you have never had faith in Jesus Christ for forgiveness of your sins. If you have never been baptized in the name of the father, son and Holy Spirit. Then there is no better day to start then today, Good Friday 2021.

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