Finding Your Flow: Paint While Meeting A Missionary

I am nervous and excited to share a new project. A special thanks to a wonderful cousin who gave me the idea of hosting virtual painting parties. I currently own and operate an art company and do most of my ministry electronically. Yet neither myself nor Jules Artsy Boutique owns a computer. Similarly, to move forward in digitizing some of my artwork, etc I need some other supplies and software. These needs have spurred me to pray and ask God for wisdom on how to do some creative fund raising. Thus, the idea of Finding Your Flow: Paint While Meeting a Missionary was born.

Jules Artsy Boutique offers monthly virtual painting parties on the fourth Saturday of every month called Finding Your Flow: Paint while Meeting A Missionary. Classes are held through zoom and conducted on the fourth Saturday of each month. Tickets are available online through Eventbrite. Each class teaches how to use fluid acrylics and showcases a different missionary. Proceeds help fund Jules Artsy Boutique and the visiting missionary. Join us while we learn to paint and talk to people working to further God’s kingdom! Don’t forget to have your favorite beverage and snacks on hand while you paint, talk and socialize.

My hope is this will be a recurring event showcasing people working both in the US and internationally. Similarly, it is my hope to showcase a variety of people working in different types of ministries. I would welcome everyones prayer and support in finding the right people to showcase monthly. Similarly, please sign up, paint, learn and help with fundraising. Click here to purchase a ticket: Tickets!

May 2021 Event will be hosted on May 22nd at 7:00 pm. The event will showcase some friends of mine, The Nance Family.

The Nance family has been burdened with the needs of the people and the church in Japan. We strongly desire to connect with, love, teach, and disciple people in the name of Jesus. We aim to see a Christ-centered community built by engaging in relational evangelism through teaching English, and our respective hobbies of board-gaming, skateboarding, sewing, and music. We pray to see Jesus move mightily among the Japanese, for His glory, and for His kingdom! We thank you for your interest and support in this journey.

1 thought on “Finding Your Flow: Paint While Meeting A Missionary”

  1. Sounds good.

    There are a few typos/errors. Do you want to know about them? Not trying to be critical, I just know that’s not your strength and trying to help.

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