Prayer is What Ignites

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Have you even cooked on a gas stove? To light the flame you first have to turn the stove to ignite. You can actually hear the clicking of the starter. Without this igniter the gas will come out but there will be no flame. I would like to think of prayer as the tool that ignites. The Holy Spirit is like the gas within us producing the flame.

We as Christians are called to do good works. Our faith should produce in us good works. But as Christians we do not do good work out of our own self will power. When we do things purely by our own means we easily get burned out, exhausted, and overwhelmed. Similarly we as humans have so very little power, knowledge or ability. Rather as a Christian all things should start with prayer. It is through prayer that the Holy Spirit inside us becomes lite to produce a bright flame illuminating the darkness. The good works we produce are then a result of the Holy Spirit within us given to us by our Heavenly Father. But it all starts with prayer or you will never have anything to ignite the gas.

I kind of think of the good works we do as humans is like us cooking something. Would you rather boil a pot of water with a flame or try to boil a pot of water using your own human breath? Your own human breath may be warm but will never be hot enough to boil the water. You will blow, blow and blow to the point of exhaustion and never boil the water. Rather the flame that comes from God’s spirit can boil any pot. Similarly if you add salt to the water then you lowered the threshold for which the water boils. Jesus is the salt to the earth.

So never forget everything starts with prayer. For without prayer you do not have anything to ignite the gas.

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