No One is Born Holy

I was working on a little art piece the last couple of days. I was not sure what I was supposed to do with it. It started as a scrap of cardboard used in the shipment of something. Basically it was trash but it kind of looked like a ladder so I decided to keep it and make something out of it. Here is the finished product:

Through the process of figuring out what to do with this would be trash I started to think about the fact that no person is born holy, well other than Jesus I suppose. Babies are born a lot of things but Holy is not one of them. They are born naked. They are born innocent. They are born adorable. They are born helpless. But no one is holy. So is true in our Christian walks. When a Christian is born they are a lot of things but Holy is not one of them. Holiness is something that develops within us as we mature in Christ. Holiness is a product of the Holy Spirit working in us. Holiness is a result of sanctification.

It made me think about the times in my life where holiness was not being produced. Similarly it made me think about other people I know that claim Christianity but the product of holiness seems absent. It has made me wonder why this happens? Basically it is the question of if someone is a born again Christian why would they not be maturing like we as Christians all should be doing. It is like a child who growth is stunted. In medicine we give such children the name, “failure to thrive.” So why is it that we have so many “failure to thrive” Christians?

By working on this would be trash and turning it into a ladder art piece I felt like I was able to understand how God produces in us holiness so that we are thriving Christians.

It all starts with faith. Through faith in Jesus and baptism which is an act of faith we receive the holy spirt that dwells inside us. The Holy Spirit will often convict us of sins within our lives. When we repent from those sins and turn from our sins we are able to receive the grace and healing offered to us through Jesus. This leads to holiness. This is a repetitive process within our lives. It never should stop. The key for this process and for us Christians to mature is to abide in Christ. For when we do not abide in Christ, we are not connected to the vine which feeds us the Holy Spirit.

No child of God is born holy. Holiness is the product of abiding resulting in the repetitive process of faith followed by repentance leading to holiness. If this is not happening in your life then most likely something is wrong. I would ask the question, are you abiding in the vine?

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