Release #20- Broken Girl Series

One day the broken girl decides to take a walk with the Good Shepherd. She happens upon a house. The sign says this house belongs to the Good Shepherd. The broken girl is intrigued. She has read about the Good Shepard’s house but she has never felt like she belonged. She longs to belong to the Good Shepherd’s house. She takes a peak inside. She sees the polar bear, the lion and the tiger. She is a bit afraid. What if they try to eat her? But they seem nice and this bear, tiger and lion are not like the previous ones she has meet for they love the Good Shepherd and submit to Heavenly Father’s will. They invite the broken girl to join them in a game. She likes this game. She slowly starts to feel safe with this polar bear, lion and tiger. She like this Good Shepherd’s house. But the shepherd dog does not like this house. He is trying to pull her away. The broken girl has to make a choice. She can go with the shepherd dog or she can stay in the Good Shepherd’s house. The choice is easy. She will stay but despite her choice she still finds herself on the outside. She is still playing cards with the polar bear, lion and tiger but she outside the house. Maybe one day she will sit at the table with them. Maybe one day she will get to belong to this Good Shepherd’s house.

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