What is your field look like?

I recently visited my family and my father asked me to accompany him to the ranch to feed the cattle. I went with him on this little morning excursion. After feeding the cattle we drove through the beautiful pasture full of green grass. The sky was clear, blue and there was a nice breeze. It was a beautiful scene. As we drove my father stopped the truck. I looked around wondering why we had stopped. He pointed out a weed that had grown in this beautiful pasture. He proceeded to get a hoe out of the back of the truck and remove this weed. He said he did not want God to think he was lazy.

Jesus told a parable in the Bible about soils. I often think of my inner self as a field. Once we receive the gospel it is like seeds being planted. The hope is that they grow and produce a wonderful crop. The crop is the fruit of the spirit. But so often our fields get weeds. These weeds can easily produce there own fruit. But instead of fruit of the spirit it is producing something we do not want.

Our inner fields can be a well tended field or it can be a wild field that has been left unattended. God is our farmer and Jesus is the one that attends to our inner field so that it is well attended to. But you are responsible for allowing Jesus to attend to your field. You have to ask him. You have to abide in him. You have to go to him by partaking in the body of Christ. If you do not do these things you may have a field but it will be a wild field with weeds, thistles and producing the wrong kinds of fruit.

I wish all of our inner fields were as beautiful as this pasture I drove through with my father. For it was a well kept and cared for pasture. My father is good at what he does. Jesus is even better at caring for our inner fields but we have to give him the key to our gate and allow him access or he won’t be able to care for our fields. Who holds the key to the gate of your inner field? Jesus holds mine.

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