I think it incredibly interesting to discuss the topic of normal. As someone who has suffered from mental health issues since I can remember I often wonder what a normal person feels like. For I am obviously not entirely normal although to me my experience are very normal. Normal is always relative. We as humans creat a image of what we deem normal. Society as a whole creates a framework of what is considered normal. Anything outside the normal bubble is considered abnormal. Similarly the framework of how we view something as normal or abnormal is highly influence by others, culture, society, environment and education. Who is to say if something is normal or not? This is especially true when it comes to behaviors. What is considered normal behavior is different in different homes, different cultures. One way we can try to change people’s perception of certain things, reduce stigma and reduce discrimination is through normalizing something. As something because less unusual it become more normal. With normalization comes acceptance.

But this can also work in the opposite direction. Normalization can help reduce fear, stigma, discrimination and foul treatment of marginalized individuals but when sin is normalized we are in big trouble. When I view society in regards to certain sinful behavior normalization is one of the biggest underlying issues. Once a sinful behavior becomes normalized it becomes acceptable and thus people no longer recognize it as sinful.

We do not want to shame people, have a lack of love, grace or mercy but when we normalize sin we basically are giving people a green light to say something is ok. I think this dangerous. Similarly one way the body of Christ can fight sin is fight the normalization of sin. For part of being transformed by the renewing of our minds is to set our minds on heavenly things. By renewing our minds with God’s words we can fight the normalization of sin. Every single believer has this responsibility. For if every believe takes responsibility for not allowing sin to be normalized we are fighting a monster. We don’t fight sin with shame or guilt. We fight sin by starting with ourselves. Many God make us holy as he is holy. Amen.

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