One of The Biggest Lies

This life would be so much easier if no one could ever lie. Some people will just straight up lie to your face. Others do not lie as much as give you false information. They do not intend to give false information but they themselves have come to believe something that is false. Think about it. If when you were a child you where taught that the color blue was actually called green you would believe the sky is green. This is what you have been taught. I have believed my whole life that the sky is green. Therefore I go around telling everyone that the sky is green. Then someone comes to you and tells you, no the sky is actually blue. What would you do? It would be like a world of confusion. Is the sky green or blue. What is the truth?

In the Old Testament there was a prophet called Ezekiel. God gave him a message that was rather disturbing. The message was of intense judgement and destruction of God’s people due to there sin. It was a message no one wanted to hear. During this same time there were many false prophets. These false prophets were claiming to hear messages from God but these messages were not really from God rather there own hearts. The basic premises of the message was that God would soon deliver Israel. They gave a message of peace. But this message was false, for peace would eventually come to God’s people but it would only come after God judgement of Israel’s sins. The biggest problem with these false prophets messages was they were promising peace but they were not teaching repentance and submission to God. Their message sound good but it was not true.

How we too often hear this same false message. Jesus came in the flesh, died for our sins and returned to life. He is the ultimate sacrifice that allows us to escape God’s eternal judgement. That whomever believes in him may have eternal life. This is all true but Jesus also taught repentance of sin and submission to God. We cannot have a reconciled relationship with God without repentance and submission. For true belief in Jesus followed by obedience to him can only happen with repentance and submission.

How do we repent for our sins? We have to first confront within ourselves our sin. We need to confess these to another believer. We need to ask for God’s grace and forgiveness. Then we need to turn from the sin. How do we submit to God? We give God all of ourselves, seek his face, engage in discipleship and follow his commands. But repentance and submission are not just a one time thing. We as Christians should live our lives in repentance and submission. For this is one way we abide in Jesus. Amen

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