Following God over Humans

One of the most inspiring stories about faith is found in the book of Daniel. Daniel had some faith in God. Him and his companions defied King Nebuchadnezzar’s orders to worship a golden image. They new that this gold image was an idol and that to worship it would be disobeying the one true God. For we are called to worship God alone. So they refused. The king was upset and punished them by throwing them into a burning furnace. But instead of being incinerated by the heat they sang praise to God. King Nebuchadnezzar looked into the furnace and saw not 3 men but 4. The fourth man was like the son of God. Jesus meet those three faithful men in the burning furnace and protected them from the flames.

We Christians are supposed to follow the rules. We are supposed to submit to the human authorities and institutions. We are supposed to attempt to live at peace with others. But Daniel’s story is a good reminder that God’s commands supersede any and every human order. For God is the ultimate authority of all. Even the king. There may come a time we may have to choose between following God and following what people tell us. Even our leaders. In those instances may God give us a heart of faith like Daniel so we can walk into the burning furnace and trust Jesus to be our protection. For Jesus will meet us in that place if we are walking in obedience to him. The flames may appear to consume us but they will not burn you if you are being obedient to Jesus. What a promise that is to us his followers. Amen.

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