Desires and Calling Should Aline

When I was a gymnast, I liked gymnastics. I wanted to train. Did I like every part of gymnastics? No. I did not always like the conditioning. I did not always like the early morning workouts. I did not always like the constant sore muscle or blisters on my hands. But I endured the hardship because at the end of the day I loved gymnastics. The things God calls us to do in life will be the same. We will have parts of the job we dislike. There will be trials and hardships. We may have to endure but at the end of the day we should be able to say, I like what I am doing.

If at the end of the day you do not like what you are doing I would be concerned. People can experience burnout from being overworked. This can cause what they once loved to not be enjoyable. This normally means that things need to be adjusted but I would say stick with what you are doing. Make changes to help the burnout but do not quit. People can experience depression. Depression affects all aspects of your life. Your motivation, ability to feel enjoyment, energy level and ability to function are all affected. Thus depression can make you not enjoy what you used to enjoy. In these cases the depression needs to be treated. The problem is not what you are doing it is that you are depressed.

But if you are not burnout and you are not depressed and you still do not like what you are doing I would wonder if God has a different calling for you. For God typically puts a passion for our calling. Our calling should aline with our desires to serve the lord. There may be parts that are hard, just like there were parts of gymnastics I disliked but at the end of the day I wanted to do it.

What is your calling right now. It can be as simple as to be a good wife and mother. It could be as complex as being a missionary in the Middle East. How do you feel about your calling? At the end of the day are you finding joy in what you are doing? If not are you burned out or depressed? The things God calls us to will not be without hardship but there should be joy found regardless. If you are not experiencing this something is not right.

For me this is why I have left the medical field. I struggled with burnout. I struggled with depression but even when I was not struggling with either of those things I had no desire, longing or passion for medicine. I would make up reasons why I should be passionate about medicine. I would try to talk myself into having a desire for the work but it was all forced. You can only force yourself to do something so long without there being something more before you cannot in your own strength force yourself any longer. Especially with something as challenging as the medical field. For my desire to serve the lord was not found in the medical field. For me the lords joy was not found in a doctors office. I am thankful for the training I received. I am thankful for the income it provided for myself and family during the time of much needed income. The desire to take care of the needs of my family is mostly what drove me to continue medicine for the time I did. I have learned a lot from medicine but I am thankful for the opportunity to pursue other things and serve the lord in other capacities.

During this time where medical professionals are at the front lines of much struggle, fear and uncertainty I feel for there exhaustion and work load. Medical professionals are some of the most hard working, caring and compassionate individuals. They sacrifice so much of themselves for others. So today I pray for all the medical professionals that God would give you supernatural strength during these hard times. That he would give you joy and endurance. He would provide you rest and protect you from illness and disease. For all my brothers and sisters in the medical field, thank you for all the work you are doing. Amen.

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