Finding Confidence

When I take my little dog CoCo to the dog park he is very interesting to watch. When he is on the leash he is all confidence. He barks at the other dogs, acts like this mocho alpha dog and seems to be unafraid. He has some confidence. But as soon as I take the leash away he becomes a terrified little puppy. He hides behind my legs or crawls into my lap normally shivering. Or he becomes completely submissive to the other dogs. He will go up to the other dog and immediately role over on his back exposing his stomach as an act of submission. He has no confidence whatsoever.

I think I identify with my little dog CoCo. For when left to my own devices I struggle with confidence. I am not confident in much of anything really. Thus I like to be like my dog CoCo hiding or submissive. Or I fake a confidence that I do not really have because this is what I have been taught to do. If you cannot be confident mine as well at least pretend you are confident so that people think you are. Or maybe people really do see through our fake self confidence.

Confidence is a tricky thing. We normally become self confident through life experiences. When we perform a task correctly we gain more confidence. Similarly when we fail at a task we loss our self confidence. But this means all our confidence is really dependent on ourselves, our own abilities and success/failures. It is really all about self. So I would like to take a step back in re-evaluate how I view confidence and define my confidence. What about if we forget about self confidence because this is something very wish washy and made our confidence in Christ. Maybe then our confidence would be like a immovable rock rather than shifting sand. Maybe we would be like my dog Coco when he is attached to the leash.

But what does it mean to make our confidence in Christ rather than self? It means that you are confident that Christ is living through you by the Holy Spirit. It means that your eternal destination is set. It means that you trust God to work all things to his goodness. It means that when your focus is on abiding in Jesus that he will give you he means of accomplishing the tasks he has called you to. It means that you face hardship and suffering with perseverance, endurance and joy because you are confident in Jesus’s provision. It means you are aware of your humanity so you rely of the one true God who is not human to be what you are not. It means you are confident in the personhood of Jesus rather than yourself. Now that is some confidence.

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