Christianity vs Psychology

I have been a Christian for over 20 years. I have trained as a doctor. I myself suffer from a number of mental illness and had extensive psychological testing and treatment over the past 8 years. Plus I have a passion and interest in mental health and psychology. Thus I have done a bit of reading on the subject. I find neuroscience and the brain overall fascinating. The human brain is so incredibly complex.

One of the reasons I needed so much counseling was to help me identify my feelings and emotions. This may seem like a simple tasks but for me I did not learn as a child how to identify and deal with my emotional experiences in healthy ways. Thus as an adult this had to be taught to me. I learned to first identify what I was feeling then I learned how to navigate dealing with these emotions. As a child I learned to ignore my emotions, shove them down, not deal with them and just plow through whatever. This is not healthy. Thus psychology and counseling taught me a lot of tools to better managing my emotions thus making me a more emotionally and mentally healthy person.

But my faith has also been a big factor. For psychology and counseling has taught me how to recognize my emotions and thoughts. It has taught me techniques for handling these through my own strength and power but I would say this is more about controlling than healing. So what is healing? What I am currently working on is learning how to identify my emotions, thoughts, use the tools I have learned through counseling to control them so that I can take these to God. It is then through prayer, scripture, community and the Holy Spirit that God helps me deal with my experiences and find resolution, restoration and reconciliation. This is were I find healing. Without God all the tools I have learned through psychology are incomplete.

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