The Law

In America we have an extensive legal system. There are an abundance of laws. They are written out in extensive detail. They tell us what is considered right and wrong. Similarly they give a guideline to the consequences of breaking that law. Our legal system and laws in America are founded on Christian values. Thus in a way they are a reflection of God’s law. So what is God’s law? God gave us the 10 commandments thus establishing for us the law. This gives us a greater understanding of sin. With this knowledge of sin our eyes are opened to the ugliness within ourselves thus we have the opportunity to repent, come to Jesus and turn from our sin.

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With greater knowledge and awareness of sin in our lives we are able to grow, mature and become the children of God we are meant to be. This is part of what denying your flesh in order to bare your cross means. It is a battle we all face within ourselves. But we can take heart that Jesus has already won the war. May Jesus help us each confront our own sin so that we can repent, be healed and walk in his truth. There is only one human ever in existence that has been able to keep the law, his name is Jesus, thus all the rest of us are on the same page. We need his grace and mercy. Let’s us all kneel before him with a repentant heart and receive his gift of life. Amen.

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