The Art of Contentment

One of the biggest changes I have seen in my life through my relationship with Jesus has been learning contentment. As a child I often was always looking for something more. It is like there was an eagerness within me to succeed, be better, strive, reach the next goal. A lot of it stemmed from my competitive nature. I do not think these things bad per se but it brought about a sense of not being content with my present. Some of my anxiety issues and inability to rest came from this sense of not being content.

I will not say I never struggle with this issue but I do feel like God has been teaching me how to be more content with any situation he gives me. Sometimes the situation is easy. Sometimes the situation is uncomfortable. But regardless of the situation God has been teaching me how to be content with what he has given me, what he is providing and with the promises he has for me.

It is a fine line between being content thus not acting on things I should and wrestling with not being content. Ultimately we want to be content, hear God’s voice and act according to his will. That is the goal. Sometimes it is difficult to determine exactly what God’s voice is saying and having clarity of God’s will.

At the end of the day I am unsure of things for I understand so very little and know even less. But I know this Jesus loves me, I love him and desire to serve him with all I have. I submit my life and ways to him and ask he direct my steps. I will trust that he is capable to directing even someone as stubborn, oblivious and blind as me. I find my peace and contentment in that I cannot go wrong if my heart is seeking Jesus and his kingdom. Amen.

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