I know I have lots of followers and I have had some messages asking if I am ok since I stopped posting. I am taking a bit of a sabbatical from my blogging to rest my brain. I hope to continue my writing in the future. Thank you all for your support, prayers and thoughts

1 thought on “Update”

  1. Please, Forgive me my dear, dear Sister in Christ. I kept looking, but saw no new posted material from you. And then I soon forgot and went on with my usual living. I, if not we all, also forget to pray for you! I am ashamed of this, my Sister. I/We should never forget our fellow Brothers and Sisters! Not even our own biological brothers or sisters. I pray this now for you… Our Lord Jesus Christ, please help my Sister. It is wrong to forget anyone. I pray for her that You, Our All-loving, and Healing God will be her Ever-present strength and support, now and always. Thank You for hearing my prayer. And I KNOW and BELIEVE in Your healing touch for her now. In Your Holy Name I ask of this. Amen.


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