The World Verses the Body of Christ

The American culture is very individualistic. We hold the individual in high esteem. Similarly in the family I grew up we were taught to be independent and self sufficient from a young age. It is good to be independent and self sufficient for this encourages people to accomplish tasks using there own skills, knowledge and abilities. It is always good to teach someone how to fish rather than giving them a fish. It is dangerous to make people to dependent on others. But we have to also realize peoples limitations. Living a life that you only rely on your own skills is not only stressful but isolating. Similar systems are always able to accomplish more than an individual. I learned a lot about systems and people working interdependently through my training as a doctor.

In medicine we give all the credit to the doctors but the doctor can not operate without a system to help them. The doctor is very limited without the systems help. Furthermore, the doctor will get burned out and unable to maintain the work load without others assistance. You have administrative staff, medical assistants, nurses, receptionist, physical therapist, counselors, etc. It takes team work.

The body of Christ is supposed to be like this. A well oiled team. Where people bring to be table different skill sets, abilities and interests to creat a system to glorify, worship, honor and serve God. When people in the church do not work together as a team they become like the world. They are just a single individual trying to survive on there own. This is dangerous and hard.

Can God use someone by themselves? Yes. But I do not think it wise and you will miss the blessing that the body of Christ should be to us followers of Jesus. Finding a body of Christ that you fit into is often challenging. But I believe God has a place in the body of Christ for every one of his sheep. Find the flock you belong to and if you do not have one pray God will guide you to the right place in his timing. But do not give up looking. Because he has a flock for each of his children. Amen

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