It is Not Good to Be Alone

In the very beginning God said that it was not good for man to be alone, so he made women. Thus we had the first marriage between Adam and Eve. For thousands upon thousands of years man and women have come together in marriage. Furthermore Jesus had a lot to say about marriage. Similarly in most all cultures and religions marriage is held in high esteem. In our modern world the breakdown of marriage and family is one of the biggest challenges we face. The consequences of broken marriages are often disastrous for all those involved. Marriage is important to the function of so many things in our world, it is often challenging and the breakdown of marriage is never without consequence.

Basically marriage is important to us as humans but it is also important to God. In the family and culture I was raised in marriage was something you did when you were an adult and preferably after you finish education and were able to stand on your own two feet. Marriage was about sexual attraction, romance, having children and living a happy abundant life. But similarly I myself was terrified of marriage because of the breakdown of marriage and unhealthy situations I had witnessed in others. I was afraid of ending up in a similar situation and felt like it was better to be single then in an unhealthy marriage.

I longed for the companionship of marriage. I longed for a stable person in my life who would journey with me yet I was so scared of ending up in a situation that was abusive. So I tried to prepare myself for marriage as a single young women. I studied what God said about marriage. I studied to understand God’s purpose for marriage. It was through this time I learned the God’s purpose for marriage is about so much more than what I was taught growing up.

God designed male and female. He designed them to be united to become one flesh. God knew that his creation was incomplete as a single for we are made in the image of God. When man and women join as one they are more equipped to accomplish the tasks God has for us. God created us for marriage in order for us to glorify him. He created us for marriage so that we could be fruitful and multiply. God created us for marriage so that we could sanctify and purify each other.

Does this mean you have to be married to serve God and have a meaningful life? Absolute not. God can use all circumstances to his glory but he wants to bless us with marriage to make this life on this earth a little easier. Singleness is a hard life. But I am also reminded that those in the Bible that where single and unmarried yet served the lord always had a companion. They always went out in twos. Singleness should not mean isolation. Everyone needs a companion for survival. I am thankful for the women who served as my companions. No child of God should be in isolation.

Marriage is a beautiful gift God gave to humanity. When Jesus is made the center and both individuals are united, submitted to Christ then God is glorified. So I pray for all the marriages out there today, that God would bless your union and work to show you the true meaning of your marriage. For those who are single I pray God would bring you a companion so that you would not be in isolation. Amen.

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