The Blessing and A Curse

My little dog Itsy is so adorable in so many ways. She is let’s say an airhead. And I love her for it. But she also gets hyper focused on things to the point of driving us nuts. Similarly she is a dog so she cannot tell you what she wants. You have to figure it out for yourself. She only has one signal, scratching at your eyes. And she does not stop until you figure out what it is she needs. She is just like ME. It is a neurological thing. She is an ditsy airhead most of the time but then she is hyper focus some of the time.

I very much get fixated on things. I get tunnel vision. It is a blessing and a curse. The blessing is if my tunnel vision is set on God and his kingdom then my tunnel vision helps me walk through all kinds of difficulties. I become the little train that could. I chug and chug and chug. So in many ways my tunnel vision helps me endure difficulties and persevere. But my tunnel vision also means I a am essentially blind to everything else around me. Just like my little dog Itsy who indeed does not see well. This is dangerous in many ways and means I miss so many important things.

Similarly this tendency to have tunnel vision sometimes makes it difficult for me to relate to others. For few others seem to have the same intense focus. Thus others think I am weird and I think others are missing the true purpose in life, God.

Unfortunately I have asked on many occasions God change this part of me and he has very clearly said No. It is something he is leaving. This means my husband and those who work closely with me have to be aware of this tendency of mine and similarly I have to let them help me so that others are my eyes and ears when I forget to look around. We all have strengths and weaknesses. God designed us this way so that we would work together. Teamwork is always essential. We are all individuals but we are also a body. The Body of Christ.

1 thought on “The Blessing and A Curse”

  1. All in Life can be a blessing and a curse both to us. Like your little dog Itsy, even when we think that we “get it”, we don’t. We all obsess over people, places, things, circumstances, situations, etc. Only when we “let go, and let God” can we ever begin to appreciate how Life works, and how ALL THINGS fit together. Yes, at times we are in both Heaven and Hell. But, God is Faithful! He will never abandon us nor forsake us for He is our Life. We all are both very strong in many senses and very weak. We are made to work that way! We all are interdependent on one another. Like a body, especially that of Christ, we all need to remain pure and clean. So is God’s desire for all Creation now and Always.


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