Karma is NOT the Gospel

Many years ago I got into a heated discussion with a couple of members of my family regarding the statement, “good things happen to good people and bad things happen to bad people.” This was the belief of my family members. I argued against this belief because I do not think this statement biblical. And well if was like a knife was being stabbed in my very wounded heart and then twisted. It hurt and tasted bad.

This argument touched a sensitive place in me because the belief that “good things happen to good people and bad things happen to bad people,” meant I must be a bad person because I kept having bad things happen to me. I knew I was not perfect, I knew I was a sinner but I would not say I was a bad person. Similarly are you saying that every person suffering from cancer today must deserve their suffering because they were bad person. That just is not true and that is not what Jesus or the Bible teaches.

I argued against my family’s belief using the example of Job. Job is a book in the Old Testament that tells the story of a man who was a righteous, and faithful follower of God, yet God allow him to suffer terrible things. Despite his suffering he remained faithful to God. Many of his friends would come to him telling him that he must of done something wrong to deserve his suffering which was not the case. Satan was the source of suffering and torment. But Job remained faithful to God through it all. He lost his family, his health, his wealth. In the end Job was blessed and all those who spoke against him were proven wrong.

The story of Job is the story of a man most would say was “good” who suffered and lost everything. God was not punishing him. He did not “deserve” what happened to him. He was in the middle of a war and God won the battle in the end. There are many more stories in the Bible that teach the opposite of karma. Karma is not the gospel. For if you believe in karma we are all doomed because every human sins thus every human would be doomed without Jesus death on the cross. You can never be “good” enough.

1 thought on “Karma is NOT the Gospel”

  1. Karma is like Luck, neither of which work! God BLESSES, and ‘that much’ can come and go. The Gospel is not fatalistic! If it was, Jesus would never have risen from the Grave! Then we would all be doomed despite our many blessings from God. Life is not a game of chance. If it was, then no one would be a winner or a loser. WHAT WOULD BE THE POINT. Timothy


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