Saul to Paul

One of my favorite stories in the Bible is the conversion of Saul into the apostles Paul. Saul was a Roman who went around harassing, arresting, imprisoning and murdering those who believed in Jesus. He was a powerful man. He was feared by most. Similarly from reading about him I get the sense that he was a hot tempered, prideful, arrogant, prick. He was the type of man that gives men a bad reputation. At least that’s how I view Saul. He was the opposite of how I view my husband whom I love dearly, he was no Shepard doggy. No Saul was an ass wipe. Pardon my French.

So why is Saul’s conversion on the road to Damascus one of my favorites? To me it give me hope. For if Jesus can reach Saul. If Jesus can change this ass wipe of a man into the apostle Paul then Jesus can change anyone. I think it interesting to analyze who Paul was after his conversion. For he still showed traits of being hot temper, rough and well not gentle. I have never actually meet Paul but from reading his many writings to church’s he was still a hard ass. He was no teddy bear. But Jesus still transformed a hard, ass wipe of a man who killed Christians into a leader of the Christian Faith who brought many to Christ and wrote half of the New Testament.

Paul became what Jesus wanted him to be. He used his innate personality and traits to glorify God’s kingdom and spread the gospel. I would not have wanted to marry Paul but I would have listened to his words. So the story of how God changed Saul into Paul gives me hope in the power of Jesus to transform anyone into a servant of God. I wonder how many persecuted Christians were praying for the man who was murdering them? Maybe this is why Jesus says to pray for those who persecute you. Are you praying?

2 thoughts on “Saul to Paul”

  1. Paul was not my favorite person either. I do not know of how woman delineate what it is about a man they like or dislike. But, even as a man, I do not like many things about Saul/Paul. Jesus can change our whole perspective on life. He can turn us completely around. And He can make us all useful, beneficial, and worthwhile human beings. Our personal worth is not measured by one person. Only we and Jesus TOGETHER can amount to anything of eternal value. Timothy


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