A Pulled Muscle

Most people have pulled a muscle at some point in there life. The muscle is sore, weak and like an annoying pain that won’t go away. As a gymnast I pulled many muscles and had to slow down my training in order for to heal. As my husband and I hiked some trails along the San Diego coast we talked about the process we must go through to heal a pulled muscle. We also discussed how this applies to many things in life.

As we walked along the cliffs looking out at the ocean beyond we talked about how this past season was a season where God stretched us both. My husband has been stretched way past his comfort zone. He has been stretched thin and in that stretching God has sustained him. Yet he is very much feeling the fatigue. Me on the other hand, I was stretched but my body/mind very much felt the effects of this stretching. I did not tolerate it as beautiful as my husband thus I have a “pulled muscle” in some aspects.

As we begin to plan our move we talked about how his next season will be a season where I heal my pulled muscle and my husband rests so that he does not become incapacitated.

What does it take to heal a pulled muscle? Well you have to stop the intense stretching but you cannot completely stop all activity or stretching otherwise you lose your flexibility and develop scar tissue. Rather you have to listen to your body, stretch very gently and gradually work back up to the full deal.

As we look toward this next season in our lives we are discussing how to continue to allow God to stretch us but in a way that we are allowing the pulled muscle to heal. To us we feel like this means we continue to serve God while also getting some fun R and R. It is going to be a slow pace so we can enjoy the scenery much like we did on our hike today

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