Being Filled With the Holy Spirit

When I was a young new believers of Jesus I would sometimes hear others describe the phenomenon of being filled with the Holy Spirit. When I read the scriptures and read the accounts of believers being filled with the Holy Spirit I find it interesting to note what action occurred as a result of the Holy Spirit.

For instance when the apostles received the Holy Spirit they spoke in tongues. Later new believers having been filled with the spirit sold all there property to give the money to the apostles so that no one within the church would have an unmet need.

I read about other accounts where someone was filled by the Holy Spirit and cannot stop proclaiming the good news of Jesus. Similarly it is by the Holy Spirit that people were sometimes healed and converted to Christianity.

When I read these accounts I am filled with hope. For it is by the Holy Spirit that God is capable of raising up his church and equipping anyone to do his works. This is my prayer for China. This is my prayer for many of my husbands friends and family. God is a God of the impossible. He is a redeemer. He is a restorer. He is a healer. He is a comforter. He is a father. He is a friend. He is almighty. He is fully just. He is both Holy and full of mercy. And he gave us Jesus so that we could be once again in relationship with him. May he bestow on all of us his Holy Spirit so that we can do the Good works he has called us to. May we be a body of Christ that is alive and well. For a dead body is good for nothing other than being thrown into the fire. Let’s bear God’s fruit rather than being only good for firewood. Are you firewood or a fruit bearer?

1 thought on “Being Filled With the Holy Spirit”

  1. Awesome very lovely neat script. We need the power of the Holy Spirit to be successful in all we have to do even to be used by Jesus Christ.


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