Value and Worth

I very much enjoy looking at houses. I have never owned a house myself but that has not stopped me from looking. Each house has 2 values. The house has a market price which is the price a buyer must pay to buy the house but the house also has an appraisal value which is the amount the house is worth in comparison to other houses. One could say this is the true value of the house. Where as the market value has to do with things like demand, etc. Almost everything in our world has a value. We put price tags on everything. As a result we often think about things in terms of value and worth.

But what is the value of a human being? How does God see human beings? I personally think that God see every human being as equal value and worth. Every human being is equally loved by God. But us humans we evaluate others by many things. We give others a value based on talents, abilities, success, looks, personality traits, etc. the list of how we evaluate others could go on and on. But people are not like realastate or houses. People are all of equal value and worth in God’s eyes

This has been an important concept for me to ponder because I often put my own value and worth far below others. I know I am not alone in doing so for I have meet many others who have this same struggle. Similarly I have meet many who put there value and worth far above others.

How do you see your value and worth? How do you relate yourself to others? If you are not seeing all humans as of equal value and worth than maybe you should ask God to change your view. Amen.

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