Reflection of 2019

As we approach the end of 2019 and look toward a new year I decided to sit with God and reflect on the past 12 months. These last 12 months have flown by. It always amazes me how the older I get the faster time seems to flow. This past year has been filled with many emotions. It has been a season of pause from my medical career in order to focus on my own personal well being and the well being of my husband. Just a short 9 months ago I was having trouble walking down stairs. Now my husband and I are running in the park a couple of days a week. We are both healthier from a physical, emotional and spiritual perspective.

It has also been a testimony to both of us of God’s provision. Despite me not working and bringing in zero income our bank account took an initial hit but has remained stable. My husband and I often wonder how that happens because based on all our budgeting we should be seeing a slow decline. Yet we lack for no good thing. We are frugal but we lack for no good thing in our lives.

This past year I have written over 200 short articles and managed to write short stories incorporating my paintings. Something I would have never dreamed of doing. Who new I was capable of writing? Well not me that’s for sure. I have always been good at numbers and math not words. But the other part of my writing that has been interesting is, I enjoy it. I have enjoyed my daily writing and getting to share it with others. Again this blows my mind because I tend to be an extremely private person. When I first shared my blogs I was nervous and unsure. Now I enjoy getting to make the posts. It has become a hobby and an unexpected hobby at that.

My husband and I have also grown as a couple through my writing and our daily discussions of my mind wonderings. I am always so quiet, talk very little and he would have to work so hard to pry information out of me. With my writing things flow more freely. I think my husband feels like he has had the privilege of knowing my inner self and thoughts. Before he would always ask me “what are you thinking,” my response would be short or simply nothing.

We have both spent so much of this year sleeping. I sleep roughly 12-13 hours a day. My husband for some strange reason sleeps almost just as much. We have fewer hours in the day to be “productive” yet the work required of us always seems to get done.

I have very much enjoyed the life style of our last year. I very much want it to continue for it has been peaceful despite dealing with some unpleasant things. I do not know that things will always be this relaxed or peaceful but I am thankful for the times that they are. We shall see what 2020 brings to us. Thank you God for 2019!

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