Denial of Jesus

Jesus Christ is known as the Good Shepard. This has brought questions in me for I have never meet an actual Shepard in our modern age. So what does a Shepard do? The Shepard is responsible for tending to the needs of the flock, gently leading the flock, feeding the sheep, and providing safety. But similarly Jesus the Good Shepard would chase after sheep that ran off and were separated from the group.

Jesus Christ is our good Shepard but he has given certain individuals the role/gifting of pastor which is to act as A part of Jesus’s physical body in this world and do the work of the Good Shepard. I have never meet a perfect pastor for they are not Jesus but even in their imperfections they can act as a Shepard. This is why we all need pastoral care. For we all need shepherding. Only Jesus gives us the means of our salvation but he also desires us to be under the care of someone.

Do you have a pastor that is shepherding you? If not then you may be denying Jesus without even realizing it. Who is your pastor? If you do not have one maybe you should pray that Jesus opens the door for you to have one in your life. Amen

2 thoughts on “Denial of Jesus”

  1. We can deny the words and works of any Shepherd/Pastor; but we should never deny the words, or works of our True Shepherd and Pastor, Jesus Christ. Like blind and crippled sheep; we ‘people’ of this world all need Jesus. To live without Him is to be unforgiven…without any Grace or Mercy whatsoever. Let us all realize that, whereas many a well qualified man or woman can advise us; only a God-man can, and actually DOES provide the means by which we all can come home.


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