The Bible Is Not Always the Answer

If I placed a blind fold over your eyes and place in one hand a bible and in the other hand a human hand then told you that you could only keep one which would you pick? The Bible or the hand? This is how I often view my life experiences. Would you rather have the Bible or the body of Christ?

I have meet many Christians that would say the Bible. For there are many who worship the Bible in many ways. I am not trying to discount the Bible. I very much like the Bible. I have spent much of my life studying the Bible but the older I get the more I realize The word of god is written on my heart through the Holy Spirit and I would much rather have the human hand to hold than any bible. Furthermore people do not receive God’s love through the Bible, they receive God’s love through a human hand.

Which would you pick? Furthermore if you are to give a gift to someone which would you give, a Bible or a human hand to hold? Thankfully most times we do not have to choose, most times God gives us both.

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