Feeling It

When talking to my husband about many of his friends in China there is a hunger to know more about God and a desire for a deeper meaning in life beyond the day to day burdens. When my husband talks about his Christian friends in China we commonly hear the desperation for Christian companionship, community and discipleship. But we also hear the desperate plea to feel God’s loving presence. To me what I am hearing is a desperate plea for God’s spirit to move and fill the billions of evolving Christians in China. China is not an easy country to live in. It is not an easy country to practice Christianity. But Christianity is rapidly growing despite continued persecution from the government. With this comes many people who need healing. So would you stop and pray for the rapidly growing church in China. Would you pray that in this Christmas season the Chinese would be filled with the Holy Spirit to bring love, hope and endurance. That these baby believers would have leaders to lead them. And would you pray for my father-in-law and mother-in-law who themselves still suffer from many wounds caused by the environment they lived for the majority of their lives. They are often blind to these things themselves but the emotional devastation often comes out in unexpected ways. So would you pray for them in this Christmas season. Would you add them to your Christmas festivities as we lift them up to the lord for healing this Christmas season. Thank you.

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