What is your Field?

Every performer must have a stage. Otherwise the performers gifts will being wasted. God gives us gifts for a reason. Those gifts are not meant to be kept in secret. We should be using them for Gods glory. Through my journey I have struggled with first knowing what gifts God has given me. I then struggled with how to use those gifts. There have been a series of things that have interfered with me using my gifts. But the last question which I am currently contemplating is what is my field. For every performer needs a stage. Every worker needs a field. Every follower of Jesus needs a place to serve.

My husband and I are preparing to move. We will be moving across the country. I cannot help but think that God is preparing us to be workers of this new field. As I look forward to this task I am excited but also a little uncertain of my place. For this is a large field and I am a small person. There is so much unknown and uncertainty but there is also the excitement of a new adventure.

As I prepare for this new adventure I am asking God to prepare my husband and I for the work he has for us but I am also asking that he prepare the field. That he give us eyes to know and understand our place as his workers. That he prepare the way. That he would equip us with all the necessary tools to do the work he has called us to. But most of all I am praying for protection for the previous times I have gone to work in the field have left me damaged. It has taken so much work to repair those broken pieces that the fear of suffering steels my joy.

I have grown so much and I am no longer the child I once was but with that growth I sometime loss the child like faith that my Heavenly Father is my ultimate protector. May he give me faith that he will prepare the means for my protection in this new field. That my husband and I would not be alone. That God would bring us to a place that will allow us to do our work but also have others to watch our backs so that we are protected during this season in our lives. Amen.

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