When we Don’t Speak, God has No Voice

I grew up in a family where as a young child I was taught to be seen and not heard. Similarly I was taught that there were 2 things in life you are NOT supposed to talk about. Religion and Politics. These topics where to be kept to yourselves at all times. Similarly my parents were of the belief that religion was something we should decide for ourselves once we were adults and able to make our own decisions. Thus they did not teach us about God. They resented the Christian Faith being forced on them as children.

When I became a Christian myself at the age of 12 this did not go over well with my parents. Out of fear I spoke very little about my faith to members of my family. Similarly I pursued a relationship with Jesus mainly in secret. My fear of speaking up about my faith continued until I left home at age 18. Since this time I have never hidden my faith from others but I still often hear this voice of fear in my head telling me “you cannot say that, you cannot talk about that, keep that to yourself, Faith is a personal decision not to be influenced by others.” These voices of course are false. For if we as Christians never speak about our faith then God has no voice.

Actions are powerful. Living by example is powerful but action without any words is still missing a voice. God needs hands and feet. But he also needs a voice. We are his voice. If we never speak, people will never hear. Are you speaking?

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