My dog Coco is a jealous little creature. When I give each dog a bone my disabled dog Itsy chews quietly perfectly content with her treat. When I give my dog Coco a bone he will chew on it for a second but it never takes long for him to start eyeing Itsy bone. He is notorious for taking Itsy bone to chew on and sitting on his own bone to hide it from her. My poor Itsy will circle the room looking for the bone because she does not understand or see well. Coco wants all the bones and does not like sharing. Similarly he tends to think that everything that Itsy has must be better than what he has. Humans are much like my dog Coco. We like to compare our lives to one another. We like to measure our success against one another. Our jealousy and comparison is just plain ugly.

I struggle with my body image and comparing my body with other women. My jealousy reflects sins in my heart.

Retraining your brain to think in different ways to eliminate jealousy and comparison takes hard work and effort. Counseling can also be helpful if you do not know where to get started. But it is worth the effort to invest your time to learning how not to be jealous or compare. For contentment in the gifts God has given you and freedom to work for the Lord and the love of others is so much more rewarding then working to satisfy our own jealousy.

Otherwise it is like my 2 dogs. One dog lays on the bone and chews the 2nd bone while the other dog gets nothing. That does not seem fair. I do not think God approves of us humans who have a tendency to be like my dog Coco. Rather each dog should be content with the bone they are given. Similarly my dog Coco should be protecting my disabled dog so that her bone does not get stollen rather than stealing the bone for himself.

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