A Reflection of God’s Goodness

Today I looked into the mirror to brush my hair. Unfortunately I had managed to get paint in my hair in addition to all over the arms and pants. I had forgotten to pull my hair back before painting. Thus my own hair became part of the paint brush. Whoops!!! As I looked into the mirror I saw the paint covering what God created which is my average length dirty blond hair. There were 2 things reflecting in the mirror. One was God’s creation, the other was something not originally supposed to be present, the paint.

One of the questions I have wrestled over the years is the question how can people who do not know Jesus do good things. People who have not received he Holy Spirit often do “good” things? It’s perplexing. My personal belief is that God himself is the source of the goodness. We are all made in his image. Thus every human on this earth is able to reflect the goodness of God. It’s like looking into the mirror. God’s goodness is in every human being but sin often covers it up, just like the paint was covering my hair.

God’s goodness is in every human. For every human is made in the image of God. It is not a matter of God’s goodness being present it’s a matter of whether our sin is covering that goodness or God’s goodness is shinning through. Ultimately Jesus came to remove all the paint from humanities hair so that humanities reflection of God’s goodness would be revealed and more easily seen.

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