Making Decisions

One of the most difficult and challenging things about life is making decisions. We make small decisions on a daily basis and sometimes we must make big decisions that potentially impact our futures but also the futures of others. For some people the process of making decisions is extremely anxiety producing. I am one of those people. I do not like making decisions. In some cases I end up having panic attacks. Why? I am worried about making the wrong decision and thus I shut down.

When I was younger in my faith my belief that God had a path for me and it was my job to choose that path was actually a source of my anxiety. I had so much fear that I would make a wrong choice that was opposite to God’s will that I could never make a decision or move forward. In my anxiety and inability to move I would let other people make my decisions for me. Unfortunately these other people may or may not even care what God’s will is for my life. My point is God does not want us to have fear or anxiety over making decisions. It has taken years for me to actually trust that God is sovereign over ALL my decisions when I ask him to direct my path

When I have a decision to make I ask for God wisdom, I ask for him to direct my path and I ask for him to prepare the correct way. I then trust that I will receive what I have asked for in God’s timing. From there I make the decision that I feel like God is leading me to. From experience I have learned that God has a way of either honoring my choice or redirecting my path. I have had to learn to be fluid in his redirecting instead of emotionally becoming overly attached to my decision.

The other part of decision making that is important is protection. Particularly for people like me who struggle with mental illness and well anxiety over decision. We all need that trusted person in our lives who can provide accountability for there are many things in this world that try to direct our paths that may not be from God. I struggle in this area. The body of Christ should be this protection and accountability.

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