To Afraid To Move

When I was a gymnast I struggled with overcoming fear. This is a common problem among gymnast. We encounter road blocks mentally. We are physically capable of performing a skill. We have trained the skill, we have worked through the drills, we have completed the skill with assistance but when it is finally time to perform the skill on our own we stop. We are to afraid to do it, we cannot make our bodies do what it has been trained to do. Why? We are afraid of falling, we are afraid of making a mistake. This is true in life.

God has a way of designing us, preparing us and training us to do certain tasks. It is like exactly what we are made for. But when it comes time to actually do what we were made to do we stop. We cannot make ourselves move forward. Why? Many times it is due to fear of making a mistake.

The truth is we will make mistakes for no one is perfect. No one walks through life without making mistakes. Even when we think we are following God we will make mistakes. When I was younger I used to be terrified of making mistakes but as I get older I am beginning to realize some of my greatest mistakes have been used by God to bring about the greatest reward. God does not work the way the world works. He often uses our mistakes to bring about his will on this earth.

I am reminded of the disciple Judas who betrayed Jesus. He was one of the closest followers of Jesus. He walked with him, eat with him, slept with him, yet he went behind Jesus back to the Pharisees and sold Jesus to them. It was his actions that lead to Jesus arrest, horrendous beating and eventual death. We can look at Judas and say, wow what a horrible guy. Judas made a HUGE mistake. Yet God used this massive mistake to bring about his will for humanity. It is easy for us to point fingers at Judas but the truth is we are all guilty of being like Judas at some point in our lives for everyone makes mistakes.

So often people do not do what God is leading them to do because they are afraid of making a mistake. Maybe we should just accept the fact that we will make mistakes and trust that God is bigger than any mistakes me will make. I am not saying we should not try to do our best but we should not let fear dictate our actions. What is God telling you to do that you are not acting on because you are to afraid to making a mistake? Maybe you should rest in his mighty power to bring good thing out of our mess up and walk by faith not by fear. Amen.

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