The Idolatry of Health

This modern age of ours is more aware of health than ever before. As a doctor, well let’s just say I have spent 10 years studying health. We constantly pray for health. And part of being a responsible person is taking care of our health and bodies. Taking care of our health is very important but it can also be a trap. When your desire for health outweighs our desire for God then it has become an idol. The constant pursuit of health is just another addiction that is draining the life out of you. Instead of living you are in constant fear of not being healthy.

I do not think that God wants us to go around compromising our health for no purpose. Or doing risky activities that bring us harm. But he does sometime call certain individuals to certain tasks that may compromise parts of their own health to bring about his will on this earth. Football players compromise their health all day long for the love of their sport and fans. We have a tendency to honor that sacrifice which in some ways seems a little silly. But Jesus himself is the greatest example of giving up your own health for God and all of humanity. God allowed his own son to suffer horribly and die a horrendous death so that humanity could be saved from their own sin. God does not call us all to sacrifice our health but I do believe a heart that is willing to sacrifice our own bodies is a reflection of a heart after God’s own heart.

Women have been sacrificing there bodies since the beginning of time to bring children into this world. Men have been sacrificing there bodies in wars and battlefields since forever. If both men and women are willing to sacrifice for another human then why are not more people willing to give ourselves for the one true God so that others may know of his love for them. That being said God sometimes calls people to live long healthy lives. And God never asks someone to give up their own health for anything other than love. Ultimately what God wants is for EVERYONE to be healthy.

My point is, it is not wrong to pray for health, it is not wrong to seek to take care of our bodies so that we are healthy, but do you care about the concerns of God more than your own health? Your answer to this question says a lot about your heart and what your mind is set on. May God transform us all and give us a heart after God’s own heart. May he show us how to take care of our bodies but also follow God’s call even when it compromises our own health and self interests. And ultimately may God’s will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Jesus died for every person. May he be known to all man and women. Amen

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