I was reading an article about the tops signs of insecure people. I was like wow, that sounds like me. This is not new news. I already knew I was an insecure person. I have just added it to the list of all my other character deficiencies. Ten years ago this would have bothered me, I probably would have fixed on how I could become a more secure person. I then would have felt defeated in my inability to effectively do so.

But here is the truth, Jesus often choose insecure men to be his disciples and then sent them out into the world. For humans may be insecure but Jesus isn’t. The apostle Peter is known as the founder of the church was extremely insecure.

I find peace in the fact that I may be insecure, people may even judge me based on these insecurities but my Jesus is big enough to cover them. Instead of trying to change my charter deficients I will rest in who Jesus is and what he is capable of accomplishing despite my own insecurities. So Jesus take all of me, insecurities and all. May I rest in your mighty arms. Amen

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