See One, Do One, Teach One

There is an old saying in medicine called see one, do one, teach one. It is the basic premise of medical education. As a medical student or resident this is often how people are taught. You see someone else perform the task, you then replicate this task, then you teach someone else how to do this task. I think this very interesting because this is also how Jesus discipled his followers. He choose them, asked them to follow him, if they agreed he taught through example, commissioned them to do the same then sent them out to teach others to do likewise.

I once was recommended to always have someone in the Christian Faith who was older than me to help mentor me, someone at the same stage as me to be a companion and someone younger than me to teach. I very much like breakdown for it allows us to be seeing, doing and teaching all at the same time. I also like this model because I have often lacked these elements in the past which has lead to many mistakes I regret.

When I was younger I often lacked the mentorship and companionship of others. As a result I made to many mistakes to count. When I meet young people within the Christian Faith I often see this pattern. People lack mentorship. The old are not teaching the young. The young are not reaching out to the more experienced.

The other problem when I talk to people is that this breakdown is not due to lack of desire but inability to connect with people. Particularly people like me who are introverts and find reaching out challenging. I almost think we need a Christian online dating sight for mentors rather than romantic partners.

Jesus commissioned us to go to all nations, building disciples. Are you seeing one, doing one and teaching one?

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